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Ifi Audio Hip Dac 3 Ifi Audio Hip Dac 3
Ifi Audio Hip Dac 3 4
Most DAC’s are not exactly what you would describe as ‘portable’ and generally serve as a fixed point unit for improving the sound quality coming out of whatever digital player you use. The major downside to this being the inability to carry your improved sound with you wherever you go, leading to a potentially sub-par listening experience when you are out and about. The Audio Hip DAC 3 from Ifi bridges that gap, giving you a good sound experience whenever you need it.

This DAC has been designed for ease of use. With two separate USB portals – one for charging and the other to connect to whatever device you are using so you can charge at the same time as listening and there are also two portals to suit the jack you have for your headphones (3.5 & 4.4 mm) so you don’t have to worry about carrying a separate jack adaptor around with you. There is a switch on the side of the unit that maximises your sound based on the jack size too using iEMatch technology. Put simply, the software matches the hardware you are using to ensure you get the quality of sound you’re after, especially if you’re using in-ear monitors.

The size and shape of the DAC resembles a hip flask with the ‘cap’ being the power switch – a nice little touch! You can even get covers for it to complete that look if you wish although the Titanium Shadow finish looks good enough on its own in my opinion. The casing is actually aluminium and the internal structure has been designed to maximise purity of sound with any distortion near enough removed. Finally, the battery lasts for about 12 hours before recharging is required, giving you plenty of good quality music time. RRP £199

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