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There is a magic combination of working out and listening to music that can leave you feeling pumped, energetic and full of happy hormones, the trouble is it isn’t always safe to have headphones on, especially when running outside. These budget friendly wireless bone conduction headphones have been designed specifically for those who want to enjoy their tunes whilst getting their sweat on and remaining safe at all times.

The OpenMove come in four colours Slate Grey, Alpine White, Elevation Blue and Himalayan Pink, they come with the USB-C charging cable, a carry bag and earplugs for the times you do want to shut out the world. They use an open-ear design in one size for all, the speakers contain magnets, which will hold them together creating a sort of necklace when they are not in use, however this won’t fit everyone as they form quite a small loop. The OpenMove is constructed with an IP55 rating to ensure it’s protected from sweat, light rain and dirt, it connects over Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable connection of up to 33ft (10 metres). The battery life provides up to 6 hours of music and call time, with 10-day standby time, the multipoint pairing makes it easy to switch between devices. There are three EQ modes for personalised listening experience Standard, Vocal Booster and Ear-plug mode, there are duo noise-cancelling microphones for clearer phone and video calls.

The OpenMove fit over the ears with a hook shape, this made my ears stick out a little, they are comfortable for short periods of time but if I was to wear them for a few hours they would begin to become irritating. The neck band is very stiff and at times during some movements it would catch on my shoulders, jumping jacks for example or movements that involve you tilting your head back, it can also catch on bulky collars, buffers or scarfs. The sound quality of these bone conduction is impressive, so often this type of audio is tinny and flat but the OpenMove has a depth and richness to it. The OpenMove could be improved when it comes to comfort but if you are out for a run for less than an hour, they’re fine and worth it for the enjoyable tunes and the added safety of being able to hear the world around you. RRP £79.95

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Enjoy your music safely whilst working out by staying in tune with the world around you.
  • Enjoyable sound
  • Affordable
  • Three EQ modes
  • Earplugs included
  • Magnetic connection to form necklace (although it’s narrow)
  • Sweat and dirt resistant
  • Remain in place during most exercises
  • Ear hooks can become uncomfortable
  • Neck band can catch at times