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Custom Design Speaker Stand FS 104 Signature Custom Design Speaker Stand FS 104 Signature
Custom Design Speaker Stand FS 104 Signature 5

The FS 104 signature speaker stand from Custom Design are stands created with Custom Design’s philosophy of achieving business by product design and service success, as well as adopting responsible social and environmentally friendly practices.

These striking stands are constructed with a central column manufactured from ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel which can be mass loaded with the Inert Filler, there are four satellite columns for added durability and complimenting the industrial style design. Custom Design says this set up provides substantial performance improvements, especially due to the dynamic range and we would have to agree, there seems to be a better distributed and cleaner sound than traditional central, mass loaded designs. The bass in particular is controlled and rich, however it is important you use the Inert Filler to avoid the top tones sounding too bright, dampening is not necessarily the easiest of tasks but it is so worth it.

The satellite support columns are available in Black or White as a standard option with Chrome and Brushed Chrome finish being an optional extra, the acoustic top plates and base plates are laser precision cut and hand finished, manufactured from 4mm steel. The standard acoustic top plate dimension of 165 x 180 x 4mm with optional sizes 150 x 180 x 4mm and 190 x 240 x 4mm available on request. The Base plates measure up at 220 x 260 x 4mm or 240 x 320 x 4mm. The M8 base isolation spikes are Zinc Plated with allen key adjustable points and supplied as standard. The height is 610mm not including the base isolation spikes however custom heights are available on request, the inert filler is an optional extra at £4.99 per bag (we would recommend it) with 2 bags being recommended per central column 610mm high. The FS 104 Signature have been designed to have a minimal effect on the performance of your speakers, but simply provide a sturdy foundation that allows for an accurate and well-timed response, oh and they look pretty sleek too. RRP £219.99

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Stylish and responsive desk top speakers.
  • Premium engineering
  • Sleek design
  • Custom sizes available
  • Provides responsive bass and mid-tones