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What’s worse than having no music at a party? Being forced to listen to your favourite tunes through a nasty tinny speaker! If you love your music (and your guests) it should be treated with respect and, spoiler alert, with the Dali Katch G2 your tunes are in a safe pair of hands.

From first touch you can tell the G2 is well made, it has an attractive rounded house that comes in a choice of three colours Iron Black, Caramel White, and Chilly Blue, it has a golden DALI logo coin that anchors the genuine leather strap, colour-matched to the main body. It has an impressive battery life for its size with up to 30hours playtime from a 2hour charge, the little lights around the power button will let you know how much juice you have left. There is also the option of powering it via the main charger, this will give you more volume and is recommended for optimal performance when playing loud party music, there is also a USB port which means you can charge your phone whilst you stream tunes both when it’s plugged in or away from the mains.

The speaker connects over Bluetooth 5.0 or straight into the stereo mini-jack port, for true wireless stereo you can connect two Katch G2’s together, there is also the option of using the jack to drive a Chromecast Audio dongle or Amazon Echo for home network integration. There are two different audio profiles, the neutral frequency response, suitable for most listening situations, or a warmer response that is better for larger rooms or when the music needs just that little extra. The G2 uses a long-throw DALI woofer, soft dome tweeter and Auxiliary Bass Radiator which work together to produce a wonderful full body sound, it is packed full detail, has a rich, rounded bass, topped off with clean vocals and high tones, plus it can easily fill a room without compromising the sound quality. It comes with a hefty price tag, but we believe it is well worth the money, this is no ordinary portable speaker, it has excellent build quality, premium sound, a powerful battery all wrapped up in a striking package. RRP £329

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This premium portable speaker sounds extraordinary both inside the home and outside.
  • Stunning audio
  • Premium build
  • Highly portable
  • Up to 30hours battery life
  • USB charging port
  • Audio jack
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Stereo pairing