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Divoom Ditoo Pixel Display Bluetooth Speaker Divoom Ditoo Pixel Display Bluetooth Speaker
Divoom Ditoo Pixel Display Bluetooth Speaker 5

The Divoom Ditoo is a rather unique product, it’s hard to put a label on it, yes, it is a Bluetooth speaker, but it is so much more, it comes with a built in 3.55 inch LED screen giving it compact retro computer vibes.

The Ditoo comes in Black, White, Pink, Green, Red and Blue, the 10W DSP Bluetooth Speaker is surprisingly powerful for such a little unit, it comes with the unique DSP bass boost mode which can comfortably fill up a room with enjoyable sound. The speaker has a 360° output to direct the music to all corners of the room, the party doesn’t stop with the music however as the screen can display pixel imagery that dances to the beat of your music. The display comes with 256 programmable LEDs that can display 16 million colours. You can make your own designs via the app and download other people’s creations, there is even a monthly pixel art contest to test your creative skills. Other useful features include the smart alarm clock, you can set it to receive social media notifications, organise your calendar and even use it to check the temperature and weather forecast.

As if that wasn’t enough the Ditoo has some classic mini games built in including Tetris, Snake and Magic 8 Ball, you can colour in some pixels for a bit of relaxation or work on remixing and recording tracks with the DJ mixer. The Ditoo is totally adorable, fun and useful, its retro look with backlit mechanical keyboard and the functional joystick just look so good on a desk. A great choice for anyone looking for a decent Bluetooth speaker, a touch of retro and a distinctive gadget for the workspace. I’m still not 100% on what I would classify the Ditoo as other than something I want; it covers everything from the practical to purely entertaining all combined in a robust yet adorable little package. RRP £120.03

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This awesome looking Bluetooth speaker is packed with useful features and entertainment a perfect addition for tech, music, pixel art and retro lovers alike.
  • Vintage PC with a classic arcade machine style
  • Bluetooth speaker with good sound quality
  • 256 programmable LEDs/16 million colours
  • Smart alarm clock, calendar, weather and social media notifications
  • Built in classic games and digital radio
  • DIY Pixel Canvas for 1.5 Million Pixel Art Lovers
  • A Classic Gaming Gadget with Fun All Around
  • SD card slot