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Earin A-3 Earin A-3
Earin A-3 4.5

Earin who previously produced the worlds smallest earbuds have done it again producing an even smaller model with their A-3 model.

Backed by the Kickstarter community in 2014, Earin launched worldwide on October 6, 2015, with the original true wireless earbuds M-1. From that point on, the product that started it all has solidified the market interest for Bluetooth enabled earphone technology and true wireless has become a new global standard. At Earin they challenge the status quo by focusing on innovation to push the industry forward. The M-1 was added to the National Museum-Sweden´s museum of art and design as part of their permanent collection, acknowledging its place in history.

So what advancements have been made with the A-3?

Well, firstly I can confirm these are both the smallest and lightest earbuds I have ever used, size wise no dimension is larger than 0.8 inches and each one weighs 3.4 grams. The small buds lead to an equally small charging case which is a real feat of design in itself being made from aluminium with a beautiful matte finish that allows wireless charging.

They are one size fits all so you have to take a gamble that they will fit your ear shape, what is really clever is that the buds are identical so you can put them in either ear and the tech will work out whether they are in the left or right ear. They are IP52 protected against dust and sweat, however there is no ANC to block out the sound.
Now being so small you could think is a gimmick but let me put that to rest, the sound quality these tiny little monsters kick out is immense, through the 14.3mm dynamic drives they produce a really complete sound. The sacrifice you do have to make though for the size is the small battery life where they will only run for 5 hours after a fresh charge. RRP £157.50

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The Worlds smallest and lightest earbuds
  • Tiny
  • Light
  • Great Sound
  • Wireless charging
  • Tech to decipher which bud is in which ear
  • Battery Life