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Edifier Neobuds S Edifier Neobuds S
Edifier Neobuds S 4

In the constant race to improve earbuds, all sorts of features are being added to them to make them more attractive and competitive in a crowded market. Take these from Edifier for example. Not only do they come with an IP54 rating (Protected from limited dust exposure and from splashing from any direction – suitable for when you’re working out and building up a sweat or running outside in light rain), they also come with active noise reduction of up to 42 dB’s (Enough to cover the sound of a quiet library or just about enough to drown out the noise of someone noisily eating just yards away from you…) brought about by 3 microphones on each bud monitoring ambient noise (amazes me that they can fit this many on them!). You may think that 42dB’s isn’t much but it does make a surprising difference when you’re out and about, trust me. They also have Bluetooth 5.2 allowing you to connect with the majority of devices out there, crucial for any multi-use earbuds these days.

Gaming wise, they have a low latency and so match well with most gaming activity you’re likely to take part in and the battery is half-decent with 5 ½ hours life before needing recharging. The case allows up to 25 hrs usage and the charging time is pretty good with 10 minutes giving you 1 ½ hours life. Speaking of the case, it has the option to change the LED colour on it and these colours match the 7 different sizes of eartips – certainly makes it easy to see which ones match up with which if you mix them up!

Of course, nothing is complete these days without an app and the Edifier Connect app allows you to play with all sorts of features to tailor your sound to suit you and your musical taste. You can also monitor the battery levels and change the LED colour on your case if you so wish. RRP £179.99

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Lots of nice features and do the job they state they’ll do, if a bit pricey.
  • Good quality sound
  • Noise reduction is good
  • Colour coded ear tips
  • Sturdy case
  • Quite the price jump for earbuds but if you’ve got the money, they are good.