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Edifier W800BT Headphones Edifier W800BT Headphones
Edifier W800BT Headphones

The W800BT headphones offer unlimited playback options thanks to the wired and wireless option, when the battery is drained simply plug in to carry on enjoying your tunes, the battery life shouldn’t let you down however with a wireless playback working time of 50 hours and a standby time of 800 hours all for just 3 hours charge time.

These headphones come in Black, Red or White and have a streamlined design, there are intuitive buttons on the ear cups which control the volume, allow you to pause/resume playback and answer incoming calls. The lightweight frame and soft padding on the earcups and headband make them comfortable to wear all day long without causing irritation, the around-the-ear design provides a comfortable fit and is made from breathable high elastic sponge and faux leather cover.

The closed back design also helps with reducing outside noise and keeping your sound in, it does leak out at higher volumes so its best not to blast out your tunes in the library if you want to avoid a telling off. The W800BT connect over Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connection, there was no noticeable latency, but you don’t need to wander too far from your device before it starts cutting out, as mentioned earlier a 3.5mm to 3.5mm connector can be used to change them into wired headphones to conserve the battery life.

These headphones have 40mm Drivers which provide a reasonable amount of bass for the price range, the mid and high tones are enjoyable, no harsh tones here, great for listening to tunes on the commute as the ear cups do a good job at blocking out external sound. The microphone will pick up a lot of background noise so taking calls in a noisy environment isn’t ideal but good enough to have a quick conversation about what to pick up for dinner.
The W800BT doesn’t have a lot of features, but they still have a certain charm about them, they are comfortable, inexpensive, offer enjoyable sound with a impressive battery life, a great choice for a low cost low hassle set of headphones. RRP £59.99

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A good choice if you are looking for inexpensive, reliable, headphones
  • Comfortable
  • Long battery life
  • Reasonable sound
  • Intuitive controls
  • Wireless or wired connection
  • Limited features
  • Microphone picks up a lot of background noise