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Most of us don’t really put a lot of thought in to ear buds. Do they fit and stay in, do they sound OK, are they wireless and how long does the battery last? Maybe a passing concern over the colour. That’s pretty much what most of us think when buying new ones, let’s be honest. So, when you find out about what actually goes in to them to make them work the way they do, you start to understand the price tag and how much effort is put in to them to give you those very simple worries.

These buds from Fiio have 2 balanced armature drivers from Knowles (one to deal with high frequencies, the other for mid frequencies), a beryllium-plated dynamic driver that deals with low frequencies, mono-crystalline silver-plated copper cable and an aluminium-magnesium alloy shell. All these metals are there to basically ensure you get the best sound possible. Beryllium is very strong and lightweight, making it ideal to deal with the stresses of bass vibrations and is chosen for this very reason. Silver-plated copper cable is perfect for carrying the sound in the wire (Silver is the most conductive metal followed by Copper, then Gold) and the jack is gold-plated although this is more to do with avoiding oxidisation than the sound quality.

So, with that little bit of knowledge in hand are these buds worth the price now we’ve lightly touched the technical shenanigans? The shell is reassuringly solid and fits nicely and you are provided with 11 different pairs of silicone eartips, so should suit everyone – they fit. The sound is fairly solid with a great bass – they sound OK. Well, better than OK to be fair! However, unless you fork out for the Bluetooth Earhooks or Neckband separately, you’re going to have to go wired on this one so no – not wireless. As for the battery life, it’s largely irrelevant due to being wired. I started out thinking this was expensive for ear buds and have managed to convince myself otherwise given what’s gone in to it! RRP £99.99

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