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There are many different types of microphones out there these days and choosing which one is going to work for you and whatever you need it for is essential. So, what are these ones good for? Well, they’re wireless for starters which is hardly revolutionary these days but, essentially, it means no awkward tucking away of stray wires or danger of snagging in the middle of recording and wrecking the whole shoot. It’s got pretty good range too – up to 200 metres transmission range allowing you to set up for long shots with ease and little worry that you won’t capture the moment.

But, let’s say you do lose the signal, what then? The thing I really like about this kit is the fact that the microphones have an SD card slot that can host a card up to 256GB in size. This can store up to approximately 400 hours-worth of recordings so even if you do go beyond the range of the receiver, you’re not going to have wasted your hard work. It would mean some editing work post-production of course but this is a small price to pay for having to re-shoot the whole thing!

The charging case is nice and compact, fitting the receiver and both transmitters in quite snugly (it’s around about the size of a smart phone) and the total weight is about 300g. The battery life weighs in at about 13 hours for the transmitters and 17 hours for the receiver. You can recharge from the case of course and it’s good for a couple of charges before needing recharging itself. Finally, this kit is compatible with Sony cameras due to a hot shoe mount, allowing easy wireless connectivity that ensures the audio is transmitted directly to the visual recording making it as easy as can be. RRP £235

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A decent wireless mic system with a good range and battery life as well as back up storage with an SD card.
  • Good range
  • Plenty long enough battery life
  • Sony camera compatibility
  • De-noise function