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Gravastar Sirius Pro Earbuds Gravastar Sirius Pro Earbuds
Gravastar Sirius Pro Earbuds 4.5

I feel like these are totally aimed at unashamed sci-fi and gaming nerds like myself, and I would probably be right! The case looks like it’s been lifted straight from a warzone with the colouring effect even being called ‘war-damaged’. And it looks like the sort of thing you would see someone in a post-apocalyptic movie whip out prior to shooting something loud. And by all accounts, it would work for that too…

The Sirius Pro Earbuds come with environmental noise cancellation, crystal clear sound, Bluetooth 5.2 and ultra-low latency. So, if wearing while gaming or watching your favourite movies (sci-fi ones of course!) there should be no delay between what you see and what you hear. The earbuds are also equipped with a small 7.2mm Dynamic Driver, engineered by Knowles, the leading manufacturer in balanced armature drivers so you can be rest assured these earbuds are of good quality. For the gamers out there, it also has 5.1 virtual surround sound meaning you can hear those enemy footsteps coming from a mile off… The earbuds themselves have a simple one-touch element to them and are rated at IPX5 for water-proofing.

So, along with all the technical bells and whistles, the charging case has just as much thought and effort put into it. It’s made from a zinc alloy material that helps protect it from scratches and bumps and has an actual button on it as well as a laser-engraved touch panel. And, get this, it has a built in bottle opener! If that doesn’t tell you this charging case means business, I don’t know what will! The battery life maybe? 4 hours continuous playing time and 3 rechargeable batteries gives you a potential 16 hours listening time.

They look good and sound good and you can crack open a bottle of beer with one of the coolest looking charging cases out there, what’s not to like? RRP £129.95

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Gravastar were Sirius with these little beauties
  • They look the bees-knees!
  • Really good sound quality
  • 3 different sized ear pieces so you can choose the most comfortable
  • A built in bottle opener
  • Earbuds are a little awkward to get out of the charger