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If you prefer using a pair of analogue headphones, it can be very frustrating when you have your music stored on a portable device and that big old 3.5mm jack just ain’t gonna fit! So, you have to rely on a separately bought set or the fairly basic ones that come with most devices these days. Not ideal, especially when you’ve probably forked out for a really decent set of headphones and just want to use them all the time! Well, this handy little device should hopefully solve your problem.

The DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter) tech in this dongle combined with the amp circuitry means it’s not just a simple adaptor but a direct converter of the sound coming through from your chosen device. It doesn’t use the software in your device to control the volume but instead utilises the DAC software to control the volume directly, leading to the sound quality being retained no matter the volume. To further help the sound quality, the twisted cord linking the two parts of the dongle has been designed to optimise inductance and capacitance as well as providing protection from electromagnetic interference generated by other electronic devices. As a result, any adverse effect on your sound is pretty much eliminated. The cord also makes it less likely that you’ll end up accidentally unplugging with both separate parts of the unit able to move semi-independently.

It’s all cased within a lightweight magnesium alloy and has an LED light that changes colour depending on the format of the file currently being played. It connects via USB-C but, for those with iPhones or iPads, there is a Lightning adaptor as well as an adaptor for USB-A’s so you should be able to take advantage of this nifty little gadget no matter what device you use. RRP £59

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Great dongle for analogue headphone users, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done this before!
  • Great sound quality
  • Pretty cheap all things considered
  • Small and doesn’t get in the way
  • Practically no interference
  • None that I could find.