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imoo Ear-care Headset imoo Ear-care Headset
imoo Ear-care Headset 5

The imoo Ear-care headset are the first open ear wireless headphones for children to hit the market with their strapline being to promote ear health for kids. The Headset currently only comes in one colour which is Aurora Green which complimented really nicely against the black, the headband fits around the back of the head with the caps resting on your ears.

The imoo Ear-care headset has a top level output of 85db so children are not putting their eardrums under any stress and can still hear their surroundings. The sound comes from the 16.22mm Soundbeam speakers which give out a delicious sound from mid range to treble frequencies. They connect over Bluetooth 5.0 which means they have a range of around 10 metres.

They are charged via a micro USB with a 1 hour charge time giving 8 hours of use, you receive the charging cable along with the headset and instructions in the box. The headset has been designed perfectly for children out of anti-allergy materials while being durable (these can be dropped many times and work, we have witnessed this.)

They are very simple to use with one button to answer and reject calls and play and pause music, the only function that I would have like to have seen added is for skipping back and forth through your tracks. They have very clever sensors that pause when they are taken away from the head. We are really happy with this product from a brand we haven’t worked with before and I would feel very comfortable giving this to my child, however at 3 months he is not ready just yet. RRP £49

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Perfect for children, stylish, simple and safe.
  • Durable
  • Safesound limit
  • Bluetooth 5 connectivity
  • Nice Design
  • IP54 Waterproof