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For those of you that work in loud environments, ear protection is essential. Once you go above about 85 dB for prolonged periods of time (about the noise level of a busy street for 8 hours or more) you can end up damaging your hearing. So, you can imagine what it’s like working in a workshop with loud tools operating all the time. You’d be daft not to wear ear protection! But who wants to be left with their own thoughts for that long in a cushion of hardly any noise? Scary prospect…

That’s why those delightful people at Haven Technologies have created a series of ear defenders with Bluetooth capability. The Air Defenders are the latest in the Isotunes range, combining the ability to protect your ears from excessive noise and listen to music or your favourite audio-book/inspirational talk/alien conspiracy podcast while doing so. They claim to be 20% lighter than previous models in the Isotunes range (I’m taking their word for it, I don’t have any of the previous models) and they are definitely comfortable, fitting snugly around the ears. As a result, the Bluetooth ear-buds stay put, unlike many other in-ear buds I’ve had to put up with. It’s almost worth considering these for a normal pair of headphones but it would be slight over kill I think.

As well as having Bluetooth capability, there is also an in-built microphone which incorporates noise suppression and echo cancellation technology so you can even take calls in those noisy environments without all the hassle of taking the ear protectors off and finding somewhere quiet to take that important call. The battery life is good too, being able to operate for up to 40 hours before needing charging. All in all, these are a pretty good investment for those that need them and at a good price too. RRP £74.99

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Another great release from Isotunes.
  • Comfortable fit
  • Light
  • Actually useful microphone
  • Good noise cancelling
  • Can get a bit too warm in hot weather