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Isotunes Free 2.0 Isotunes Free 2.0
Isotunes Free 2.0 4.5

As with most things, when it comes to earbuds you get what you pay for. Elsewhere in this issue, I’ve reviewed a set suitable for the lower end of the price scale. The Isotunes Free 2.0 are mid-high as far as cost goes but you can tell the difference straight away. Building on the success of the original Isotunes Free, they have improved the NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) up to 25 meaning it can cut out up to 25 dB’s of noise (equivalent to quiet background noise). Although this is not Noise Cancellation that many new buds have these days, you could be forgiven for thinking this isn’t much but it does actually make a difference, especially when comparing to lower end ear buds. Just don’t be expecting it to help in particularly loud environments.

As you may expect from Isotunes, the tech is as good as you are entitled to think it should be. The sound quality is as good as it was on the originals and they have made use of their Safemax technology to ensure no damage to your hearing, no matter how loud you have it apparently. Personally, I didn’t want to field test this for a long period of time! Got to look after my hearing these days don’t you know? The microphone has noise suppression and echo cancellation properties so you’re able to have conversations in a relatively loud environment and still be heard well. It relies on Bluetooth 5.2 for its connection which, although not the most up-to-date does exactly what it needs to do.

The battery life is pretty good with up to 7 hours use while the charging case is good for 2 recharges, giving you nearly 3 days of average working hours before needing to charge the case up again. RRP £119.99

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A good set of ear buds at a price cheaper than many comparable brands. You could do a lot worse!
  • Good sound quality
  • Noise cancelling is good on the microphone
  • Nice aesthetic look
  • Only available in 2 colour choices