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ISOtunes LITE 4

ISOtunes is a company that set out to combine both ear protection and enjoyable audio, why should working in a noisy environment have to be a choice between hearing damage or working in silence.

The ISOtunes LITE are Bluetooth earplugs that come with one pair of TRILOGY Universal Fit eartips and Secure-Fit ear fins, three pairs of double flange eartips (S, M, L), and a micro USB charging cable. At first look the TRILOGY Universal eartips is that they are pretty chunky, they claim to fit most ear canals, I know from experience I have smaller ears and although the eartips held in place it wasn’t a close enough fit for the ear fins to hook into my ears. The eartips have a memory foam style CustomFit design, the need to be flattened down before putting in the ear and then they slowly expand to form a snug seal, this helps block out the background noise.

There is an intuitive control panel built into the wire, it’s here you can adjust the volume and connect to your phone, the LITE use Bluetooth 5.0 and can dual-connect to devices up to 30 feet. These earbuds have up to 10 hours of battery life and are designed to work in messy environments thanks to the IP67 sweat, dust, and waterproof casing. When you are not using them, the earbuds will connect magnetically so it forms a necklace to keep them safe. The noise-isolating microphone provides clear communication and lets you activate voice assistants like Siri and Goggle. The ISOtunes LITE are 26 dB NRR / 36 dB SNR certified, offer OSHA-compliant hearing protection and use SafeMax Technology that limits the volume output to 85 dB, the recommended limit for prevent hearing damage. The sound quality is enjoyable but lacks definition in the base, they are best suited to vocal focused music like pop and electronic or classical and podcasts will work well too. These are a good pair of earphones if you are looking for something to use in noisy environments without risking your hearing, with an enjoyable sound for a reasonable price. RRP £59.99

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A low cost way to enjoy your tunes whilst protecting your hearing.
  • TRILOGY Universal eartips
  • OSHA-compliant hearing protection
  • SafeMax Technology limits volume to 85 dB.
  • Up to 10 hour battery life
  • IP67 rating
  • Siri/Google Voice compatible
  • TRILOGY eartips maybe too big some
  • Lacks bass detail