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Jarre Technologies AeroSkull HD+ Speaker System Jarre Technologies AeroSkull HD+ Speaker System
Jarre Technologies AeroSkull HD+ Speaker System 4

Jean Michel Jarre, pioneer of electronic music, a composer, sound-designer and performer met Roland Caville in 2005, a successful and experimental entrepreneur. This was the birth of Jarre Technologies and since then Jarre Technologies have created speakers that like to make a statement with witty, bold and powerful designs.

I was a goth when I was younger and even though I have outgrown the eyeliner and chunky black crosses I am still instinctively drawn to anything in the shape of a skull. The AeroSkull HD+ Speaker System has one hell of a look, this large shiny skull comes in six colours, Glossy Red, Glossy Blue, Silver Chrome, Black Chrome, Gold Chrome and Pink Chrome as well as a chic Matt Black. This speaker is so cool it’s even wearing sunglasses and just makes for a brilliantly fun design that will certainly become a talking point within your home. This speaker comes with the option of connecting via Bluetooth, NFC, 3.5 mm mini jack and a lightning connector dock in the top of the head.

It will take up a good deal of space on a shelf, measuring up at 35 x 35 x 35 cm, the line in can play CD players or any devices playing music straight to the speaker and it also supports MP3, AAC, WMA, protected AAC, WAV. The AeroSkull offers 50Hz to 20kHz +3db frequency range has a 92mm bass and two 18 mm satellite drive units, 120W RMS, two 30W mid-range and one 60W subwoofer amplifier output. There are audible tones when the speaker is switched on which are a bit cheesy sounding and don’t match the gothic design, the other thing that detracts from the quality of the product is the remote.

Created in a bone shape it looks more dog toy than human skeleton, and in the chrome finish it easily gets covered in fingerprints, as do the control buttons located on the teeth. When it comes to sound quality however it doesn’t disappoint, the bass is a little soft at lower volumes but at mid and high levels it thumbs out, the mid tones are layered and distinct whilst the high tones are clear and bright. We understand this product won’t be for everyone but if you are looking for a decent sounding speaker (especially if you are an iPhone household) but with a unique twist the AeroSkull AeroSkull HD+ Speaker System is a worthy investment. RRP £535.00

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This bold speaker delivers impressive sound for something with no ears.
  • Great sound
  • IR remote
  • Unique, fun design
  • iPod / iPhone lightning connector dock
  • Line in plays CD players or any devices playing music
  • Supports MP3, AAC, WMA, protected AAC, WAV
  • Pricey
  • Chrome finish collects fingerprints