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Lindy LTS-50 Lindy LTS-50
Lindy LTS-50 4.5

Fan of working out? Always going for runs or looking for the next physical challenge? I’m not. So why is this reviewer asking such things when he should be talking about these earbuds?

Well, the simple reason is that the Lindy LTS-50 earbuds, as well as possessing a decent working battery life of 4 hours with constant Bluetooth connection (16 if you make use of the compact charging case), touch controls for audio and received calls (much easier than trying to grab your phone and answer while running!) and a choice of earbud options available in both silicone or memory foam, it also has a solution to something that I have difficulty with.

On the rare occasion I actually exercise, I have to listen to music or I just give up, it’s my motivator. My lack of fitness however, causes me to do that natural thing your body does when it overheats and I have lost many a set of earbuds in the process. Either falling out and getting damaged through impact (alright, I’ve stood on a few!) or simply shorting out due to the excess moisture. These things have been designed with people like me in mind! They have an Ingress Protection rating of (the far sexier sounding) IPX5, meaning they are protected from a low pressure water stream from any angle. In other words, combined with the lightweight comfort and the aforementioned material options for the buds themselves, these things are going to continue working and not falling out for as long as you need them to, even for people like me pretending to be fit!

As well as that, the sound quality is pretty good. Nice clarity, even over my rapidly thumping pulse and a nice, rich bass helped to keep me focussed. I almost managed to run a mile without stopping… RRP £39.98

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Looking for the perfect gym buddy earbuds?
  • Choice of silicon or memory foam
  • Good water resistance
  • Good clarity of sound
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • I don’t have an excuse to not exercise any more…