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Luucco Pro Talker S2 Luucco Pro Talker S2
Luucco Pro Talker S2 4.5
The problem with many mic systems is having to wait until you’re back in the office or at home before you can listen back to what has been recorded. If you’re unhappy with what you have, you then either need to spend hours editing or go back and re-record the whole thing, frustrating to say the least. The Pro Talker S2 does away with this by having a ‘plug and play’ feature that can potentially save you so much time! The receiver (named RX. The Transmitters are called TX. So, from now on, they’re getting called Tex & Rex!) has a USB-C connector built straight in to it so you can plug it straight in to your favoured device and instantly re-play whatever it is you have recorded, giving you the ability to decide if a re-shoot is needed there and then. No annoying cables or extra kit to remember, just plug it in to your phone/tablet/laptop and away you go.

The range on the mic’s is pretty impressive at 250 metres (bear in mind local topography may reduce that) and the battery life is a good 8 hours with a further charge and a half available from the case before that too needs recharging so you should be good to go for a whole days’ shooting if need be. Recharging doesn’t take too long at all, 2 hours each for Rex and Tex and 2.5 hours for the charging case. The Tex’s are a decent size (not too bulky and obvious) and are relatively lightweight at about 12 ½ grams each so doesn’t drag down on any clothing you have it attached to and they also come with windbreaks if needed.

The Tex’s also have a 1 click button for noise cancellation that filters out ambient noise and due to a separate signal from both transmitters, you have the choice of playing back in mono or stereo. RRP £139.99

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