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Majority Tru Bio TWS True Wireless Earbuds Majority Tru Bio TWS True Wireless Earbuds
Majority Tru Bio TWS True Wireless Earbuds 4

Headphones have been around for decades with ear buds simply being the latest iteration. Of course they eventually break or get usurped by the next version and end up in landfill more often than not. That’s an awful lot of plastic just dumped in to the ground! Well, Majority have given plenty of thought to this and have come up with these gadgets made with completely compostable plastic and bio-cellulose! Not to mention the packaging is also recyclable. Their commitment to being carbon neutral is impressive and, if you’re concerned about your shopping habits impacting the environment, buying from this company should put your mind at ease.

Fantastic stuff of course but what are you actually getting for your money other than peace of mind? First off, the battery life is decent at 7 and a half or so hours for a full charge which should be plenty for most users. The charging case holds enough charge to juice up the buds for a further 3 sessions and only takes an hour or so to complete and if you’re in a bit of a rush 30 minutes charging gives you a couple of hours so it’s fairly quick all things considered. You also get three different sized sets of ear tips and the standard USB-C charging cable included in the box. It also has the latest version of Bluetooth (5.3) which puts it ahead of plenty of other ear buds out there.

The sound quality is surprisingly good (sound quality usually improves vastly the more money you spend and when sticking to more established companies so it surpassed my expectations to be honest) with the bass coming across well and a fairly well-rounded sound overall. Finally, while not the broadest range of colours, you’ve got enough to cater for most tastes with pastel pink or blue and plain white to finish off. RRP £39.95

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For the more eco-conscious consumer out there, there’s nothing to regret and these buds are perfectly good for most of us. I like knowing I’m not contributing to environmental problems!
  • Very eco-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Peace of mind
  • Decent sound quality for the price
  • Not a fan of pastel colours personally, would have been nice to have a black option
  • There are better sound-quality buds out there for a similar price