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Marmitek Surround Anywhere 221 Marmitek Surround Anywhere 221
Marmitek Surround Anywhere 221 5

Terminator 2. If you haven’t seen it, watch it in surround sound – the opening sequence is awesome with the Hunter-Killer sweeping from behind and entering the shot, well worth it! Of course, the problem with so many surround-sound systems is fitting the cables in places where it’s out of sight and actually having cables long enough to get the speakers where you want them for optimum effect. No more! The Marmitek Surround Anywhere 221 is, you guessed it, wireless!

Now, this isn’t anything necessarily new. There are many such systems on the market so what does this one bring to the table? Improved 2.4 GHz technology prevents interference from any existing Wi-Fi devices allowing you to use it with confidence and the transmitter and receiver are paired with secure pairing. So, if you need multiple sets in the same area, not a problem, you can have up to 6. The receiver has a built-in amplifier for your rear speakers and, because of the direct connection to your surround set’s speaker output, the speaker volume will automatically correspond to your surround set’s volume. There is also a separate volume control on the receiver ensuring you can get the right balance between your front and rear speakers.

All well and good but what about the sound quality itself? The digital link is uncompressed, leading to a sound quality that is better than a CD and without any interference or delay between your image on the screen and the sound coming through, equalling the performance of any wired surround sound system. With a reasonable pricing level (and if you’re going for decent speakers for a system that’s worthwhile, pricing is important!), this is definitely worthy of consideration. Now, Star Wars, A New Hope is next! Imagine that Star Destroyer in the opening sequence. RRP €129.95

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Great sound and a great price.
  • Wireless
  • Good sound quality
  • Both front and rear speakers can be connected
  • No interference from other Wi-Fi devices
  • Maybe too much of an excuse to stay indoors and ignore the Summer weather…