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Mighty Vibe

As a kid I had a Discman, remember them? They were super sensitive to skipping, impossible to fit in your pocket and with the meagre ability to play one album at a time, it wasn’t an ideal workout companion.

When mp3 players arrived with the ability to store multiple albums it was an absolute game changer, suddenly I could run with my own motivating soundtrack, exercise could be both meditative and fun. Then there was the dawn of the smartphone, having everything in one space is highly convenient but it means when I go running now, I also bring my work emails, to do lists and everyone in my contact list with me, it is hard to avoid the temptation of responding to those notification tones.

The Mighty Vibe takes things back to a simpler time by letting you enjoy the music whilst leaving all other distractions at home. This tiny and light weight mp3 player is just 3.81 x 3.81 x 1.95 cm and weighs only 20g, it comes in Black, Shamrock Green, Gully Blue and Mooshu Red, with a capacity for over 1000 songs on the internal storage, but it doesn’t stop there. By using the Mighty app you can wirelessly sync your Spotify playlists and play them back offline, it is also compatible with Amazon Music, the rechargeable battery offers 5 hours playback at a time, this might not seem a lot but that is easily a weeks’ worth of workouts.

For a true wireless experience, the Vibe can be connected to Bluetooth headphones as well as regular wired headphones, the Bluetooth function also allows the Vibe to be connected to Bluetooth speakers, great for letting other people skip tunes without gaining access to your photographs, no one wants that. There is a large clip on the back of the device which can be used to fix the mp3 player to your clothes or bag, the clearly labelled buttons make it easy to skip tracks or change the volume on the go, however if the symbols were embossed you could do it without even looking.

The Vibe is resistant to water, snow, blood, sweat and tears to cover even the hardest workouts, as well as being drop resistant in the events of any little accidents. The Vibe comes with a high price tag and it might be expected for the battery life and storage capacity to be better, however the Bluetooth connection, Spotify and Amazon Music compatibility along with the streamlined interface and tiny size makes it easy to switch off from the screen and enjoy music without other distractions. RRP £79.99

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Step away from the screen and enjoy music without distraction
  • Very small
  • Can be clipped to clothing
  • Lightweight
  • Play Spotify and Amazon Music playlists offline
  • Water and drop resistant
  • Connects to Bluetooth headphones and speakers
  • Battery life could be better
  • A little pricey