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Nank Runnerdiver2 Nank Runnerdiver2
Nank Runnerdiver2 4
People have been able to use waterproof headphones for a while now and so, the race to provide the best version available is on, which is good news for us consumers! Nank have upgraded their Runnerdiver bone conduction headphones and here we have the result. And they’re pretty good!

For starters, the Bluetooth is the latest version (5.3) meaning any device with Bluetooth can connect to these headphones and they are fully compatible with both iOS and Android devices. A word of warning though – the Bluetooth won’t work if you’re using your earphones in the water. Thankfully, Nank have catered for this and so the headset has 32GB’s worth of storage which equates to about 5000 songs (double its predecessor!). All you need to do is plug the headset in to your device via the USB charger that comes with it and just drag and drop your mp3 files in to the folder. You can also delete the files in the same way you would normally do so in any digital folder. The real plus with this model for me though is the fact that you now have the option to randomise the playing order, a nice touch so you don’t have to constantly fiddle about with what songs you have stored on it.

This version has improved water-proofing and is IP68 rated although they recommend not using them submerged for longer than 40 minutes. Of course, this also gives them complete protection from sweating so are well and truly suited to all other forms of exercise. You only need to wear buds when using them in water, the bone conduction replacing the need for this at other times. The battery life is about 10 hours if the music is played at a constant 60% of max and only takes about 1 ½ hrs to fully charge. RRP £152.12

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