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Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones
Puro Sound Labs BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones 4.5

Love it or hate it, kids are going to find their way onto a screen at some point, moderate use can give them a little entertainment, some sneaky education and most importantly you some much needed peace, the downside is the mindless kiddy music might drive you mad.

That’s where a decent pair of child suitable headphones can come in handy, you don’t have to listen to the tedious music or worry about them damaging their hearing. The BT2200 Volume Limited Kids’ Bluetooth Headphones from Puro Sound Labs provide just that, coming in four colours, Teal, Red, Cool Gray and Blue, featuring smaller ear cups and volume limits.

These headphones have been designed to protect young listeners’ eardrums from early hearing damage following the World Health Organization’s recommendation of an 85dB-limited volume range. The BT2200 are easy to connect so the kids can do it themselves (let’s be honest they are better at this then we are anyway), with one-touch, Bluetooth will pair with iPhone, Android and other compatible devices while providing a 30-foot range allowing them space to dance about.
The wireless mode eliminates any risk of entanglement in the cables, the rechargeable battery provides a generous 18hours playback with 200hour standby and the patent-pending Puro Balanced Response Curve provides your kids or teens with solid audio all with an 85 dB limiter. The headband and padded earcups are especially created for little ears, this design also blocks 82% of the ambient noise (@ 1 kHz) and are light enough to wear for long periods of time, full length movies for example.

The overall design looks modern and stylish, not childish so it will appeal to tweens and teens, whilst the construction is tough enough to withstand the rough play of younger children. The Puro Sound Labs BT2200 are a great choice for young listeners, with durable construction and the type of sound quality you would want as an adult, the sound limits protect little ears from damage and you don’t have to listen to whatever irritating song has recently gone viral, it’s win win. RRP $79.99

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All the quality you would expect in adult headphones but with safety features specifically tailored for younger wearers.
  • 85dB-limited volume range
  • Good sound quality
  • 18 hours of battery life
  • Durable build quality
  • comfortable
  • 82% background noise reduction
  • One touch pairing
  • Expensive (especially if you have more than one child)