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Puro Sound Labs were created by Niki Russell and her family after she was diagnosed with Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) which left her partially deaf in both ears.

This preventable condition was caused by her headphones when she was young, listening to them too loudly for too long which over time damaged her hearing. She is not alone however as 1-in-5 teens (approaching 1-in-4) will lose their hearing in the exact same way, this is why the family decided to produce good quality headphones that will protect kids, teens and adults hearing. The PuroPro come rather impressively packaged in a wooden box where inside you will find a good quality hard travel case, tucked away in the case are the folded PuroPro headphones. The earcups have feature protein leather cushions and headband for a comfortable all day wearing, the earcups form a decent seal to help block out external noise.

The Premium Active Noise Cancelling Technology offers second level of noise reduction, there are two levels of ANC to choose from with level 1 providing a deep noise reduction of 32dB and level 2 for general noise reduction of 15dB which can be switched on via the right ear cup. The level 2 doesn’t have too much of an impact with the level 1 being much more effective, however if you are looking for a way to truly block out the world these might not be the right headphones for you. There are 5 microphones in total including 4 for ANC and 1 for phone calls, and two volume limits to toggle between. 85dB and 95dB max volume setting help to protect your ears against permanent hearing damage the 85dB is the maximum safe sound listening level that is recommended for use (by WHO, OSHA, etc.) and can be enjoyed for up to 8 hours of safe listening.

The 95dB can be used safely for 50 minutes, the question is can you resist the temptation to drop it down after 50 minutes. The PuroPro uses 40mm dynamic drivers and the Puro Balanced Response Curve, this provides an impressive sound quality that takes on a range of genres with ease as well as pod casts and audio books. The battery life is excellent with 28hours with ANC active and 32hours without as well as 300 hours of standby time, the included audio jack means then if the battery does run out you can enjoy wired connectivity instead. These headphones connect over Bluetooth 5.0 for a stable stream with zero latency that lets you watch movies without disturbing those around you. The PuroPro are incredibly comfortable headphones, the ANC could be stronger, but it is easily forgiven for the sound quality, healthy battery life and the reassurance that your hearing is well protected from damage. RRP £147.89

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These comfortable headphones protect your hearing without compromising on sound quality.
  • Great sound quality
  • Two sound limits to choose from
  • Bluetooth 5 connectivity
  • Up to 32hours battery life
  • Two levels of ANC to choose from
  • ANC could be better
  • Quite bulky headset