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Some people, my husband for one, could fall asleep in the middle of a building site, no amount of noise will prevent him nodding off when he’s tired, however some people, need peace and quiet to drift off.

Life isn’t always that tranquil, outside traffic, snoring partners, noisy neighbours and shift working can all make switching off rather difficult, the QuietOn 3 earbuds offer a way of shutting out the noise without simply replacing it with music or white noise. These little earbuds use active noise cancelling (ANC) to block out the world around you designed specifically for sleeping, this means they have been created around the ear’s anatomy. With standard earbuds they are shaped to fit inside the concha, this can stick out of the ear and make things uncomfortable for side sleepers whereas the QuietOn 3’s are the smallest earbuds for sleeping, around three times smaller than Apple Airpods Pro and tuck neatly inside the ear eliminating pressure when laying on your side. There are four pairs of ear tips to choose (XS, S, M, L) from all made from a soft foam for a secure fit and provide some passive noise cancelling, they are unlikely to fall out overnight.

The ANC uses a tiny microphone that takes a sample of the noise and the uses active electronics inside the earbud to create a phase-shifted and equalized sound which is then played through the speaker to cancel out the original noise. The rechargeable battery is little but can still last up to 28hrs from one charge which is about three nights sleep, but with the addition of the charging case you can get a full week before having to connect it to the mains. The QuietOn 3 are easy enough to use, they switch on automatically when removed from the charging case, if you are used to foam earplugs you will notice them in the ear more, however we found they were comfortable, and you get used to them over a few nights.

The noise cancelling is really effective, if there is a lot of different and loud background noises, camping at a festival for example, it isn’t completely shut out, but it is greatly reduced to a level that’s easy to switch off from. As well as being great for sleep there are other moments in the day the QuietOn 3 are useful, focusing on work from home in a busy house, taking some time out for some meditation, tai chi, worship, anything that requires a degree of calm and focus. The QuietOn 3 do not come cheap but there is no price that can be put on getting a good night’s sleep and there is something incredibly empowering knowing you can carry instant serenity in your pocket. RRP £229

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Block out the noise instead of replacing it and enjoy the peace and quiet.
  • Effective noise cancellation
  • Comfortable
  • Hold in place
  • Suitable for side sleepers
  • Not restricted to night-time use
  • Pricey