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RHA T20i RHA T20i
RHA T20i 5

The T20i from RHA are high resolution earphones that come with the T20i In-Ear Monitors, stainless steel tuning filter holder, three tuning filters, Bass, Treble and Reference, zip carry case, clothing clip, stainless steel ear tip holder and a whole host of ear tips for the perfect fit, including Dual Density Silicone ear tips, 2xS, 2xM, 2xL, Double Flange Silicone ear tips 1xS, 1xL and Comply Foam Comfort Tsx-400 ear tips, 2xM.

These lightweight earphones have high quality construction easily deserving of their price tag, the ergonomic driver housings are constructed with a metal injection moulding process. This manufacturing technique for the headphone’s housing, result in a durable stainless steel finish and a contoured shape that fits comfortably in the ear, the unique, patent pending, over-ear hooks keep the earphones securely in position with the cable running over and behind the ear out of the way.

These over-ear hooks are fully mouldable, ensuring a precise and personalised fit, that remain comfortable for a long period of time even during energetic activities, when paired with the Comply Foam tips you achieve a high level of noise cancellation. The T20i features the DualCoil driver, a re-imagined dynamic driver that has been engineered to offer high-resolution sound reproduction, this system uses two independent voice coils, each responsible for producing part of the frequency range for refined, high-resolution audio.

The integrated in-line remote and microphone lets you take calls hands free and control the music and volume, it is compatible with Apple devices including iPad, iPod and iPhone models. The remote is on an oxygen-free copper cable with a high durability outer finish for minimal tangling, the mic allows for full Siri control as well as app, call, track and volume control wherever you are. The tuning filters are an interesting addition letting you get the best available sound for your preferred genre of music, the Bass filters emphasise low frequencies ideal for rock, hip-hop and EDM, the Reference filters provide a more neutral, balanced sound reproduction whilst the Treble filters bring out upper tones to enjoy the finer details in classical, acoustic or vocal tracks.

The sounds quality is almost faultless, one for the audiophiles especially with those customisable filters, the sound is rich and immersive, when combined with that all-day comfort they a great choice for music lovers.
RRP £149.95

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High performing and comfortable earphones, one for music lovers out there.
  • Great sound
  • Large range of ear tips
  • In-ear monitors with microphone for Apple
  • Comfortable all-day wear
  • DualCoil dynamic driver
  • Injection moulded stainless steel
  • Tuning filters- bass, treble, reference
  • Mouldable ear hooks
  • Remote not compatible with Android