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RHA TrueConnect 2 RHA TrueConnect 2

RHA TrueConnect 2

Audio October 1, 2020

RHA TrueConnect 2 4

The next generation of this popular earbud will not disappoint fans of the original, with nearly double the battery life of the original TrueConnect with 44 hours of combined use and fast charging.

The TrueConnect 2 comes in Carbon Black or that attractive Navy-Blue design with a charging case in the matching colour, a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, stainless steel ear tip holder and True Wireless silicone ear tips 2xS, 3xM, 2xL. The left and right ear can be distinguished via a faint L and R on the stems but there is also a red dot on the right ear which is easier to see and lines up nicely in the charging case. The charging case is very small, easy to slip into your pocket, the lid pivots off to the side which is highly satisfying and the battery life indicators let you know how much power you have. Both the charging case and earbuds are constructed from high quality materials, the earbuds have an IP55 rating keeping them protected from water, dust and sweat.

They rely on passive noise cancellation created by the fit, this could be improved with memory foam ear tips, the included silicone tips hold firmly in the ears whilst feeling light against the skin at the same time. They connect effortlessly over Bluetooth 5.0 with upgrade chipset, which provides a reliable and latency free signal letting you enjoy movies and tv shows as well as music. The new dual-microphones picks up your voice and removes background noise for clear calls, a light tap of the upgrade touch sensitive?? of the earbud can activate a smart assistant like Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa as well as control the audio and tracks. The sound quality is produced but 6mm drivers?? and can get up to 98 dB. The mid tones are defined and layered and the high tones are clear, the bass is a little reserved which rounds off the balance sound but base heads might find it a little flat. These earphones are an upgraded version of an already capable model with the touch sensitive buttons removing pressure on the ear, improved IP55 casing, Bluetooth 5 and extended battery life. For the increased price we would like to see memory foam ear tips, active noise cancellation and some degree of control over the sound via an app but this simple set up is what will appeal to some people looking for uncomplicated, enjoyable sounds. RRP £129.95

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An upgrade version of the popular TrueConnect features some excellent improvements but could it have gone further?
  • Attractive design
  • 44 hours combined battery life
  • Water, dust and sweat protection
  • Bluetooth 5 with upgraded chipset
  • Dual-microphones
  • Touch sensitive controls
  • Quality, balanced sound
  • Lacks features
  • No memory foam tips
  • No ANC or sound adjustment