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RHA TrueConnect RHA TrueConnect
RHA TrueConnect 4.5

The RHA TrueConnect earbuds come in three stylish designs, Black, White and our favourite Navy Blue, all with a tasteful matte finish, the charging case matches the earbuds and opens with a twisting motion that is oddly satisfying.

The TrueConnect also comes with a USB-A to USB-C charging cable, stainless steel ear tip holder, true wireless silicone ear tips, 2xS, 2xM, 2xL and comply foam TrueGrip Plus ear tips 1xS, 1xM, 1xL. The TrueGrip Plus ear tips provide a secure fit which holds them firmly in place even during intense workouts, it also helps block out background noise by forming a tight seal in the ear.

The battery life is a bit disappointing in this price range with 5 hours play back from one charge and up to 25hours when the charging case is used, it does support fast charging however, taking just 15minutes to receive 50% charge. With an IPX5 rating this ensures the TrueConnect earbuds are protected against sweat and are water resistant, making them a good choice for an active lifestyle.

Straight forward to connect with help from the voice assistant, these earbuds use Bluetooth 5, the signature stem has been designed to maximise signal strength between headphone and phone, we experienced zero latency and no connectivity issues during out testing. Phone calls, music playback and connected smart functions can be controlled via the button on the earbud (although this does mean pressing the earbuds into your ear) or spoken commands thanks to the mic.

The stem improves the quality of any calls you need to take, while the battery life indicator flashes up every time you open the case. The sound quality is close to faultless (as you would expect for the price), lovely rich bass, defined mid tones and bright high tones come together for a balanced and layered audio experience. Leaving the slightly limited battery life aside, the TrueConnect are as functional as they are beautiful, great sound with a reliable connection they are great for taking work calls on the go as well as working hard in the gym. RRP £149.95

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Stylish, functional and with a great sound, we were really impressed with the TrueConnect earbuds.
  • Great sound
  • Strong connectivity
  • Stylish design
  • Device free controls built into the earbuds
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Compact charging case with battery life indicator
  • Fast charge
  • Short battery life