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Sennheiser SoundProtex 4.5

Live music and concerts are great, but it’s fair to say our ears and hearing tend to pay the price the next day! Prolonged ringing in our ears, as well as being annoying can lead to headaches and even long-term damage if you subject yourself to too much noise. Obviously, you want to enjoy the music so straight-forward ear plugs are out (muffled and mostly bass getting through does not make for a good music experience!) but these babies from Sennheiser, the sound maestro’s, fit the bill perfectly!

Imagine being able to turn the sound down in real life but still being able to clearly hear everything? Well, that’s pretty much what these ear plugs do. They’ve been designed with a multi-filter effect – one filter reduces the sound and the other is a tuned membrane, meaning that you reduce both low and high frequencies in equal measure and don’t lose any clarity in sound as a result. On top of this, they’re very small and discrete so you won’t feel like a complete numpty wearing ridiculously over-sized ear protectors!

They are made from medical grade TPE and so shouldn’t affect anyone’s skin adversely and clean very easily just under a tap. Avoid using any cleaning chemicals as this could deteriorate the plugs over time! The set comes with 3 different sized ear tips so should suit any ear size and it also comes with a ‘full block’ filter on top of the regular filter. This is designed to make the plugs act just like a traditional set of ear plugs so if you have trouble getting to sleep or just want some peace and quiet on a noisy day, you’re sorted. The filter can be swapped out easily and kept in the storage bag provided so you don’t lose these tiny little elements! RRP £34.99

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A great way of lowering real life volume without compromising on sound quality.
  • Small and discrete
  • Does a great job of lowering the volume and retaining clarity
  • Full block filters
  • Other filters of varying block levels are available
  • Hardly surprising but the filters are very small and can easily be lost! Perhaps a tool of some kind would have been useful for swapping them out?