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You know when you’re trying to watch a show on TV and you reach a crucial moment? The sound goes low, the lighting changes and the lead character whispers the crucial reveal in an atmosphere-drenched moment that leaves you absolutely knocked for 6? Only you missed it because that’s also the exact moment an inconvenient train hurtles past the window or your pet decides now is a good time to loudly complain that it wants a fuss or your partner (who gives no jot’s whatsoever about whatever you’re engrossed in) picks that moment to start talking about what next door have done with their patio… Yeah, kinda gutting isn’t it?

Well, these earbuds and accompanying transmitter have been designed specifically to allow you to have an uninterrupted listening experience so you don’t miss any of those crucial moments. The focus is on enhancing the actors’ voices in whatever you’re watching and is, it’s fair to say, more aimed at those of us that are hard of hearing as opposed to providing a cinema-style auditory experience, not that that’s a bad thing! They perform admirably in this respect with 5 speech clarity levels easily cycled through using the earbuds and further customisation available via the App.

They’re easy to set up too – the transmitter plugs in to your TV either via a 3.5mm audio jack or in to the digital optical output and then it’s a simple matter of changing the audio settings on your TV before opening the charging case with the buds in. I love that there’s a little warning sign on a piece of paper for this next bit! Leave them for 10 seconds before taking them out to connect and they should work straight away, simple! With 15 hours of battery life, that’s plenty of uninterrupted, crystal clear TV viewing. RRP £349.99

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If you’ve got the money to spare and are hard of hearing, these will do the job. If not, you can probably find something good that won’t cost the earth instead.
  • Great clarity for voices
  • Bluetooth allows connection to other devices
  • Transmitter can handle more than one set of buds (you can purchase these separately)
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Bluetooth is not latest version (4.2)