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Some ear buds are designed to block out all surrounding noise and those type of buds have their place in the market without a doubt. But, sometimes, you need (or want) to keep that awareness of your immediate surroundings keen and not block out all that useful noise. A tough ask when you think about it – having a bud lodged in your ear usually makes hearing anything else a strain at best! These buds from Shokz aim to solve this problem.

In order to achieve a good sound hitting your ears the buds make use of a low-frequency algorithm that sends lower frequency soundwaves to your ears, ensuring you hear them due to the proximity to your ear canal. As they don’t block up the ears, you are then able to hear external sounds, simple! Of course, the tech making this happen is much more complex than it sounds and involves carbon polymer 20 times stronger than steel (as well as being more robust, this reduces any vibrations affecting the sound quality), an 18mmx11mm dynamic driver custom-built for these buds and ear hooks made with flexible memory wire that can adjust to any ear size ensuring a good fit and far less likelihood of the buds slipping out of place although the weight of just over 8 grams per bud makes this less likely also. An added bonus of the memory wire is that it’s thin enough to allow you to wear glasses comfortably at the same time.

Of course, as with any kind of tech these days, there is an app and the one that pairs with these allows you to connect your buds to two separate devices. The battery life is about 7 hours before re-charging is needed and the case holds enough for 3 recharges before it needs charging itself. RRP £179

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A great set of buds for those that want good sound quality but not lose touch with their surroundings.
  • IP54 rating
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Good bass
  • Maintain situational awareness
  • No automatic switch off when buds placed in case – you have to switch Bluetooth off to disconnect.