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Shokz OpenRun Pro Shokz OpenRun Pro
Shokz OpenRun Pro 4.5

We have recently just looked at the OpenRun from Shokz and before we could fully appreciate them the new OpenRun Pro has been released, so, is it already time for an upgrade or is it worth holding on to the originals a little longer?

The OpenRun Pro are Shokz most premium headphones and use most up to date bone conduction technology, Shokz 9th generation, they come in four separate designs Black, Blue, Beige and Pink. Just like their original counterpart they are made with a wrap-around titanium frame for a secure but comfortable fit that holds in place whilst you run, or even if you are mad enough to stop and throw in a few burpees. The open ear design allows for full situational awareness whilst you run, know exactly where the traffic, pedestrians and even other competitors are. The Pros also come with a Quick-Charge function but will hold an extra two hours taking it up to 10hours of play time per charge, ensuring they are ready to go when you are. If you have run out of charge just 5mins top up will give 1.5hours of play, that should be enough for most workouts.

There is a slight reduction in the IP rating, from a waterproof IP67 to sweatproof IP55 Sweatproof we can only assume it’s due to the tech upgrade, but it shouldn’t really make a huge difference for normal runs and workouts, it can still handle sweat, rain and debris blown by the wind. Those little controls are still there on the earpieces, fine for me and my little hands but those with thicker fingers might struggle to select the right button, the overall weight is very similar too, just a couple of grams heavier at 29g. The integrated microphone allows you to take calls on the fly, the dual noise-cancelling helps to deliver clear calls in both directions and does as reasonable a job as most hands-free headsets. So, what about that new and improved TurboPitch technology? We were more than impressed with the OpenRun and how good the sound was for an open ear headset, this 9th generation claims to have even further enhanced the Bass for added motivation. The midrange and highrange are just as enjoyable, clear and defined. When you compare the headphones directly then yes, you can hear a slight improvement, but it certainly isn’t enough to warrant an upgrade, however if you are looking at getting your first OpenRun headphones why not spend the extra £30 for the latest tech and longer battery life. RRP £159.95

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Keep an ear on your surroundings whilst getting that extra motivation from your favourite tunes.
  • 10 Hours play time
  • Comfortable and secure
  • Dual Noise-Cancelling mic
  • Enjoyable sound quality with enhanced bass
  • Bluetooth 5.1
  • IP55 Sweatproof
  • 9th generation Shokz TurboPitch technology
  • 5-min charge for 1.5 hours of usage
  • Not worth upgrading the OpenRun
  • Reduced IP rating