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TIBO Legacy 3+ TIBO Legacy 3+
TIBO Legacy 3+

The classic bookshelf speakers feature 1 inch soft dome silk tweeters and a die-cast woofer basket supporting a polypropylene 5.25 inch drive unit, all housed in a thick MDF painted, solid cabinet with either a light oak or black ash finish.

These speakers come with detachable neodymium grills and brass spikes ensuring perfect stability on all surfaces, instead of placing the bass reflex port at the back, which is a problem with wall units, the Legacy 3+ has a down-firing port and with the four bullet-shaped feet supplied they sit high enough above a surface for maximum bass output.

TIBO specifies the lower frequency at 40Hz and the upper at 20kHz, with 4-8 ohms impedance and a sensitivity of 87dB, providing a large output for compact speakers. The Legacy 3+ has a true bass-reflex design, making use of the rear radiation from the bass/midrange driver, as well as that from the front. The port is 44mm in diameter, 126mm long and has a curved exit, the externally mounted lip means less of the port is inside the cabinet, this enables a more secure fixing of the port to the cabinet, you can still stand mount these speakers if needed however you will get slightly less bass in this configuration.

These speakers have subtle, stylish accents that don’t scream out for attention but sit elegantly on a desk or sideboard complimenting their surroundings whichever colour you choose to install. The sound quality is well balanced across the frequencies, it can get a little bass heavy at times especially at higher volumes, this may put off some audiophiles but bass lovers will appreciate this, the volume also cranks up to easily fill up the room, allowing you to become completely immersed in the audio experience.
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The top tuned down firing bass reflex port provides for optimal performance with a focus on the bass
  • Stylish, modern design
  • Balance sound
  • Top tuned down firing bass reflex port
  • Solid cabinet
  • Loud volumes
  • Looses bass when stand mounted