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TIBO SIA75 – Smart Integrated Amplifier 75 TIBO SIA75 – Smart Integrated Amplifier 75
TIBO SIA75 – Smart Integrated Amplifier 75

We reviewed and were impressed by the Choros Tap and Kameleon 4 Multiroom speakers from Tibo earlier this year and we were interested to see how they would fair with their line of amplifiers and we took a look at their premium integrated amplifier the SIA75.

For this review we are pairing the amp with TIBO’s Legacy 3 speakers which are unpackaged and ready to go, so let’s do the same with amp, what you will find in the box is the SIA75 Amp itself, UK and EU power leads, remote control and a quick start guide.

First thoughts looking at the design of the product is that the SIA75 would not look out of place in any setup with its sleek brushed black aluminium frame and contemporary design. Its width is 430mm which is about normal but it is thinner than most other amps at 65mm, functions on the front are nine pre-sets, Tibo Smart grouping button, 3.5mm headphone jack and a multifunctional central dial which allows you to adjust the volume, select inputs and turn the amp off and on.
Round the back of the amp you will find two RCA line inputs, optical digital in, aerials for Bluetooth and wi-fi, ethernet port, subwoofer output, loudspeaker outputs and a moving magnet phono stage input. I am a big fan of the simplicity of the remote with the functions available being power, volume, playback, grouping and selecting the presets. The whole setup was easy as was downloading the app and setting it up with Spotify or whichever other streaming software you use.

The SIA75 is aimed at those who like to stream music but the analogue and digital inputs also work impressively well, the audio was rich with punchy bass and clear mid and treble, I stuck some unplugged vinyl on and was impressed with instrument isolation and how clear it was still when I cranked the volume up, this system is loud and I mean loud with its 2 x 75W RMS, ideal for parties!
TIBO have really impressed me with this product and for the price tag of £249.99 this is a fantastic option.

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This is an awesome product that looks great is easy to use
  • Price
  • Sound is loud and clear
  • Punchy Bass
  • Sleek Design
  • Great App