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Tibo Sphere 4 Tibo Sphere 4
Tibo Sphere 4 4

The Sphere 4 fits right in between being a small portable Bluetooth speaker and home speaker, it is reasonably compact and has a carry handle but certainly isn’t something you want to stow in your backpack for a day trip.

It weighs 3.2 kg so you won’t want to carry it around for too long, it measures up at 26.9 × 18.0 × 13.5cm which makes it more suitable for moving around the house and garden or to be used for a bit of car camping. The Sphere 4 comes in five bold designs, Green, Red, White, Black and Orange, it has a built-in rechargeable battery that offers up to eight hours playback time, the leather carry handle makes it comfortable to move about.

There is a USB charging socket which is a handy way to charge up the smart device you are streaming the music from, keeping the party going for longer. One cool feature about the Sphere 4 is that it can be used to create a multiroom sound system, great for house parties, by ‘bouncing’ sound over a distance of up to 10m, you can link up to 16 compatible Tibo products for music all around your home or choose to link up two speakers for stereo sound.

The speaker comes with a 3.5mm line-in for connecting to other devices, as well as Wi-Fi, LAN and Bluetooth connectivity options, allowing you to listen to stored music or stream from services like Spotify and Deezer. When connected to your home network by Wi-Fi you gain a range of music options, thousands of internet radio stations are easy to access via the smartphone app, you can store your top five stations or Spotify playlists.

The Sphere 4 has a 1 x 4” driver unit and rear tuned port for controlled bass and uses a 2 x 0.75” dome tweeter for the high frequency response. The Sphere 4’s High-Resolution audio is delivered by 50W of RMS power supplied by a class D Amp 4 Ohms and 88 dB 50Hz-20KHz, external devices can also be connected such as turntables, CD players, game consoles etc. The Tibo free app can be downloaded to control the speaker’s basic functions as well as permitting you to stream separate audio to different (compatible) Tibo devices.

The sound quality of the Sphere 4 is enjoyable, but for something this size we expected a little more depth in the sound, the bass is good and the volume is certainly satisfactory but the mid tones lack a certain richness that audiophiles will be looking for. The Sphere 4 is best suited to a home speaker that can be taken outside, linked up to other speakers and enjoyed during parties, it also gains points for looking rather beautiful.

RRP £59.99

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An attractive speaker with multiple connection options and multiroom compatibility.
  • Timeless design
  • Links up to other Tibo speakers
  • Good battery life
  • Tibo app
  • Connect to Bluetooth, Wifi or LAN
  • Save five stations or playlists
  • USB charging port
  • Large and heavy for a portable speaker
  • Mid-range lacks depth
  • Instructions confusing at times