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Music in the shower. Always loved the idea of this but the shower itself usually drowns out the sound of the speaker most times and kind of ruins the whole ambience. Not to mention the point. The awkwardness of skipping a track (not slipping over or avoiding getting water on the player is like an endurance test/puzzle all on its own!), especially if you’re all comfortable soaking in the bath combined with the inherent danger of electricity and water makes for effort best avoided in the long run. How dull.

So, how about a Bluetooth speaker designed for the shower? With IPX7 water resistance, this one is for people who want that music right in there with them when they’re in there, not distorted by a wall of water and shower curtain. You can literally hook this thing up right by the shower head if you like and you won’t have any problems with it (make sure the plug on the portals is well and truly secure though!). The Bluetooth is the latest version with a range of up to 100ft but you don’t even need to rely on this if you don’t want to as there is space for a 32GB SD card as well as a nice light display that keeps up with the beat of the music. If you like, you can turn this musical display off – it will certainly help extend the battery life). It also has a clock bult in to the LED display so you can keep an eye on the time and not be late if you get carried away listening to the tunes!

It makes use of the Tribit App so you can easily modify the EQ to how it suits you and the buttons are nice and easy to press and identify, a boon when covered in soap! The battery life is a decent 18 hours at most and only takes about 3 hours to charge via USB, with the cable included in the box. RRP £33.99

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A well-priced shower speaker that allows you to enjoy your music hassle-free.
  • IPX7 rated
  • Easy to use
  • Capability to house an SD card
  • Good sound
  • Ports, despite having decent plugs to protect them are facing up when you hang the speaker – seems more sensible to have put them facing down?