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The Tula Mic is basically a combined microphone/recorder. It has minimal controls and a fantastic retro look to it that kind of make you want to go and be in a 50’s Sci-fi B-Movie, which is all part of the charm of this compact little device of course! Thankfully, the technology isn’t from the 50’s and the Tula Mic boasts an 8GB storage space, up to 12 hours of battery life and a noise reduction algorithm from those folks over at Klevgrand so that you can cut out all that unwanted background interference.

As well as the tech inside the Tula Mic, the controls on the outside are really easy to use. The playback functions are all on one side and are the usual standard symbols you would expect so no confusion there and you can listen to whatever you’ve recorded via the universal 3.5mm jack when you plug some headphones in (the Tula Mic has no speaker). The jack also doubles up as an input for a lav Mic so that you can just pop the Tula Mic in your pocket and make it less intrusive when needed. As you may have expected, there is also USB-C connectivity so you can easily plug it in to your computer or mobile phone to access those sound recordings. Speaking of which, they are stored in WAV format which makes them easy to edit. Surprising that there is no editing software available when you purchase the mic as seems to be common with so much tech these days but editing suites are easily available.

As for the recording aspect, there are two modes – one that records 360 degree and one where you speak straight in to the grill, so perfect for a group recording or solo work, especially with that noise reduction software!
RRP £209

4 out of 5

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Retro-looking but certainly not retro in it’s capabilities, this is a tidy little device for those that need a portable, professional mic in their lives.
  • Small & compact
  • Easy to use
  • Easily editable files
  • Good sound quality
  • Funky looking little thing!
  • Why no editing software?
  • No speaker option.