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Urbanista Lisbon Urbanista Lisbon

Urbanista Lisbon

Audio January 8, 2022

Urbanista Lisbon 5

Urbanista was established as a brand in 2010 in Stockholm out of love for cities and urban life. We have reviewed a number of products from Urbanista in the past and their new true wireless earbuds called Lisbon are their most compact to date.

The Lisbon are available in five colours Midnight Black, Mint Green, Coral Peach, Vanilla Cream and Blush Pink, and come with a charging case, USB charging cable and instruction manual. These earbuds are so easy to use, the moment you open the case they automatically become available to pair, they can store up to six paired devices and they worked fine ios, Android and Windows. They have a nine hour battery life and you can store a further two charges in the case, so 27 hours total which is really impressive. What I did really like was that they tell you when they need to be charged with a “low battery” indication 30 minutes before they die. They also have touch controls, allowing you to answer calls, turn the volume up and down and you can also connect to voice assistants like Google Assistant and Siri, so you can comfortably look like a weirdo on the bus talking to yourself.

The sound quality is as we have come to expect from Urbanista, a complete sound with the top notes ringing out nicely although the mid tone lacks a little depth and for the price bracket they are in they are certainly over performing. These are not for audiophiles, but then they wouldn’t be shopping in the £49 market. These are great everyday wireless earbuds with their variety of colourful options definitely a pull factor. RRP £49.90
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Available in five beautiful colours.
  • Great Sound
  • Compact Design
  • 27 Hour Battery Life
  • 5 Beautiful Colour Choices
  • Touch Control