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It is no accident that these headphones feature that stem design, after the release of the AirPods this has become a fashionable look, however the Urbanista London display all the style without the massive price tag.

The London are available in five colours Midnight Black, Rose Gold, Dark Sapphire, White Pearl and Burgundy Red, and come with a charging case, USB charging cable and four pairs of different sized silicone tips in total. These earbuds are so easy to use, the moment you open the case they automatically become available to pair, they feature in ear detection which will pause the music when one earbud is removed from your ear, the auto-play function will activate once you put the earbud back in. The built- in voice control lets you manage your device via Siri or Alexa for example, if you don’t want to look like you are talking to yourself on the bus a tap on the earbud will activate touch control.

The wireless design gives you freedom of movement, the compact charging case can top up the battery another four full charges giving you a total of 25hours battery life from one single charge (1.5hour recharge). The Active Noise Cancelling is there to block out background noise so you can focus on your music and if you need to eavesdrop into a conversation just switch to Ambient Sound Mode. The noise cancellation does reduce the background racket, but it won’t silence the world around you completely. These earbuds have 10mm drivers that can kick out 91dB and the bass is clear, not overly punchy but healthy enough, the top notes are ringing out nicely although the mid tone lacks a little depth, overall, it is enjoyable enough for the daily commute and hitting the gym. These are attractive earbuds producing a consistently clear signal with an enjoyable sound, perfect for clocking out from the world when you are out and about. RRP £129

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Enjoyable wireless earbuds with a healthy battery life and sleek modern design.
  • 25h Battery life with charging case
  • Bluetooth 5.0 with 10m range
  • Active Noise Cancelling
  • Ambient Sound Mode
  • Voice and touch controls
  • Water Resistance (IPX4)
  • In Ear Detection
  • Mid tones could do with a little more definition