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Babybjorn Baby Carrier MOVE Babybjorn Baby Carrier MOVE
Babybjorn Baby Carrier MOVE 4

As a mother who lives in the countryside, I have struggled to find a purpose built buggy for cross-country walks and the baby carrier I owned was just a pain… in the back, so, when I was introduced to Babybjorn’s Baby Carrier MOVE, I was happily surprised.

The design is extremely sturdy and has a sleek finish with their 100% polyester, super soft “3D Mesh” material which is highly breathable, when I put it to my face, I could take a full breath without any resistance. This level of ventilation was a huge plus as my daughter would get so hot and sticky in my previous carrier, it also feels extremely comfortable and well-made, with the four colour options I am sure there is something that will match both mummy and daddy’s attire.

The MOVE is machine washable and due to the 3D Mesh it is quick to dry, which is handy as it is not tumble dryer safe, the fastenings of the MOVE are user friendly and can easily be adjusted with one hand, a must have when you are holding a child. As well as the clips being easy to use, they also feel secure, my 20 lbs monster is a wriggler, but I never worried about them accidently coming open. A thoughtful touch is that the clips have left and right indicators, they are colour coded, so even the most sleep deprived and frazzled parent will get it right.

Another useful design point is the integrated new-born function, there is no separate infant insert required thanks to the head support and leg straps that can be used for infants weighing between 7-9 lbs, making it suitable from birth. The integrated measurement strap is a useful feature located on the seat of the carrier, this ensures little one always has enough space, remaining secure and comfortable as they grow (up to 15months old). This carrier is certified as “Hip Healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, which is essential for baby’s physical development, this is due to ergonomic design that provides your baby with the correct support for their back, legs and hips. The width of the seat area is adjustable to ensure that baby is always sitting comfortably, the sturdy head and neck support is also adjustable.

With the MOVE, you have the option to have rear and forward facing configuration, if your little bundle of joy starts to become as curious as my miniature Sherlock, then you can switch them around so they can see the world. This change between rear and forward facing is so easy, no swapping straps or complicated rearrangements, just fold down the head support. The only downside I could find was the MOVE couldn’t be used as a back carrier, although face to face interaction is meant to help develop those communication skills.
The price might be a little steep for some but the comfort, ease of use and high levels of ventilation means you get a premium product for this price, you might just want to put it on the gift list for the baby shower.

RRP £119.99

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A stylish and user-friendly baby carrier for an on the go parent.
  • Highly breathable
  • Quick Drying – Machine Washable
  • Printed Measurement guide for infant height
  • No infant insert needed
  • Forward and rear-facing options
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • ‘Hip Healthy’ cert by International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI)
  • Takes a bit of understanding the instructions (Pictures and tips only)
  • Not a Back carrier