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Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock
Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock 4

Once you have had a baby you will have a new found appreciation for how simple all the mundane tasks used to be, from making a cup of tea to taking a shower, many things can be postponed but when it comes to the grocery shop that’s something that cannot be avoided.

There are a few different options as to what to do with baby when you are perusing the aisles, slings free up your hands but can be complicated to put on, you could put the car seat in the trolley but then your have barely any space left for your shopping, the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock has been created to give you and little one another option.

The Hammock comes in nine different designs, we received the Gray and Aqua version, the hammock attaches to the trolley via clips and hangs down with room underneath to put your shopping in, it can also be used to fit the car seat (it works with most types) and fastened with the safety straps, ensuring you still keep that space under the hammock free. Made from toxin free 97% cotton it is sewn with double layer upholstery fabric to keep baby safe and comfortable whilst the premium plastic clips and Velcro makes sure it is securely fastened at all times. The secure seat harness and infant carrier strap ensures your baby and carrier stays put throughout your shopping trip, when not in use the hammock can be rolled up and tucked away into the nappy bag or backpack although a storage bag would have been a welcome addition.

The Hammock can hold up to 50lbs and can be used until baby is sitting upright, it features a natural incline that cocoons the body and protects their neck and spine, floppy new-borns may end up a little too scrunched up so be aware of how close their chin is to their chest when first trying it out. The Shopping Cart Hammock is an interesting concept and like so many baby products it will work well for some and not for others, arranging your shopping can still be a little tricky with the baby directly in the hammock, you don’t want to risk bumping them and its not that easy to grab things out from underneath them, I was also paranoid someone might throw something into my trolley by mistake, baby might also struggle with not facing you directly. The Hammock is reasonably priced if it becomes something you can use regularly even if its just for six months that could be 24 shopping trips made easier. RRP $49.95

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Binxy Baby give you a new option to take the stress out of shopping with baby.
  • Frees up space in the shopping trolley
  • Easy to attach
  • Machine washable
  • Secure
  • Rolls up for compact storage when not in use
  • No storage bag included
  • Floppy new-borns can become too scrunched up
  • Items under the hammock can be hard to grab
  • You need to be mindful of putting things in the trolley with baby in the hammock

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