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Bleep Bleeps Suzy Snooze Bleep Bleeps Suzy Snooze
Bleep Bleeps Suzy Snooze 4

When baby sleeps the rest of the house can sleep and everyone functions better after a good nights sleep, the Suzy Snooze from Bleep Bleeps is three useful tools all wrapped up in one sweet little package.

Suzy is a smart nightlight, sleep soother and baby monitor, it has a cute design, an attractive orange body (you will be able to spot it even in the messiest room) with a sleepy fuzzy face at the base. Suzy is suitable from birth and can be used with older kids too as a sleep aid, it works on its own as a nightlight and sleep soother but if you want to use it as a baby monitor you will need to download the free Bleep Bleeps app, create an account and connect the device. To activate Suzy you can either press down on her hat, which will pop up to reveal her face or switch it on via the app, this will automatically start the night time wind down routine which consists of a gentle orange glowing light and relaxing music.

Many of these types of devices have quite annoying plinky plonky (technical term) tunes but the melody Suzy produces is very pleasant and doesn’t become irritating when listened to repeatedly, which you will find yourself doing. After 15mins the music will stop and the light will continue to softly glow, this low energy LED stays cool to touch, and the optimised colour output promotes natural sleep hormones. The built in cry sensor will trigger if baby wakes and reactivates the night time routine helping them to get back to sleep again, when connected to the app you can use Suzy as a baby monitor with secure audio, you get a 50m range when connected over your WiFi network, this only provides audio so it wouldn’t be suitable for those looking for a visual monitor too.

Suzy can teach older children when it’s time to get up (set up via the app), her hat stays down when toddler should be sleeping and quietly raises up when it is time to get up, so they can easily tell when they should be up and when they should go back to bed without the risk of waking them in the process. The app can be used to adjust the brightness and volume and set wake up times, the brightness can be adjusted by twisting the hat however it never gets to very bright levels. The Suzy Snooze is rather limited in features for its asking price, you cannot change the audio or stream your own and you cannot see or talk to your little one over the monitor, however this simple design could be exactly what appeals to many and can prevent further distractions in the bedroom. The build quality could also be improved but the overall look is very charming, the light is warm and comforting and the music soothing, the cry sensor worked effectively and the app is straightforward. Although we can’t help thinking there is untapped potential with the Suzy Snooze we did enjoy the features it currently has, we found it worked best as a sleep aid for babies and a calming nightlight for older children. RRP £99

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Although we would like to see a few more features the Suzy Snooze proved an affective sleep aid.
  • Soothing music and night light
  • Cry sensor
  • Simple app
  • Sweet design
  • Works as a monitor when connected over WiFi
  • Easy to use
  • Expensive
  • Limited features
  • Needs to be plugged in

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