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Caboo Carrier + Cotton Blend Caboo Carrier + Cotton Blend
Caboo Carrier + Cotton Blend 5

Baby wearing is such a lovely experience for both child and wearer, baby gets to feel close and secure to you whilst you get two hands free, what a novelty!

Caboo, which means to be close to someone, this baby carrier has been designed around the basic concept of a sling but with a few changes here and there to make it more comfortable and easier to use. Made from a strong but soft cotton blend it comes in three attractive gender-neutral colours, Olive, Phantom and Burgundy. It comes in two pieces, the carrier and the additional support wrap which also doubles up as a hand carry bag. The material is lovely and soft, comfortable on both the carriers and baby’s bare skin, it also has a good amount of stretch to it which makes loading and unloading baby easier. There is a wonderfully clear instruction video on the website with a real wriggly baby, none of this doll nonsense that shows you how to put on and remove the carrier safely and demonstrates both the carrying options.

This carrier can be worn chest to chest or on the hip which is particularly good for older children who like to look about, it will support the baby’s head all the way down to the base of their spine, the additional wrap can be used for better support around the head, particularly handy for those floppy new-borns. This wrap will also provide additional warmth and the pocket could be used to store soft items, muslin or gloves, anything that won’t dig into baby’s back. Their legs sit in the recommended ‘frog legged’ or ‘M’ position to fully support their developing hips and spine as well as meeting the T.I.C.K.S guidelines for safe carrying. The smooth metal rings make it easy to adjust the straps on the fly, it can even be worn for seated breast feeding, the reinforced back panel prevents any pressure point forming on the wearers back and also keeps the material tucked in giving you extra ventilation space. We have tested a lot of baby carriers over the year but the combination of the Caboo’s soft material, ease of use and ventilation certainly makes it one of the best. RRP £71.50

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A comfortable, fuss free baby carrier.
  • Very easy to use
  • Suitable from 5lbs
  • Well ventilated
  • Super soft and stretchy material
  • Two carry positions plus seated breast feeding
  • Meets T.I.C.K.S standards
  • Reinforced back panel