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ClearBlue Digital Ovulation Test and Ovulation Test System Connected ClearBlue Digital Ovulation Test and Ovulation Test System Connected
ClearBlue Digital Ovulation Test and Ovulation Test System Connected 3.5

Starting a family might appear to be the easiest thing in the world, I mean you come from a long line of people who have managed it but it is only when you start trying you might discover there’s more to it than a couple of glasses of wine and an early night. ClearBlue have a wide range of products available to help improve the odds by nailing down the days with the highest chance of conception, the Digital Ovulation Test takes the pressure out of deciphering regular ovulation tests with a clear indicator if its time to do the deed.

This test will pinpoint the two most fertile days each cycle by measuring the changes in level of a key fertility hormone, luteinising hormone (LH). It can be more accurate than a calendar and temperature methods and has over 99% accuracy, there are 10 sticks in a box which cost £19.99 per box. It is recommended you start testing from day 5 of your cycle, however, if you have tracked your ovulation previously and know roughly when it might be you may get away with using less sticks as this can quickly add up. The results are quick and clear with a smiley face symbol when peak hormones are detected and indicators to show that the test is working correctly.

If simplicity is a priority along with accuracy then the Digital Ovulation Test is probably the way forward, if a more detailed record is preferred then the Ovulation Test System Connect certainly meets the criteria. Unfortunately both system come at a price as well as use single use plastics which so many of us are trying to avoid these days, however the results are fast, easy to read and leave you in no doubt as to when your most fertile days are, so potentially a worthwhile investment for those looking for a better insight into the fertility health.

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Get a clearer insight into the optimum days to try to conceive.
  • Clear and fast results
  • Accurate
  • Connect System allows you to track your cycles on your phone
  • Bluetooth connectivity (Connect System only)
  • Easy to use (even the Connect once you get used to it)
  • Expensive
  • Single use plastic