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ClearBlue Ovulation Test System Connect ClearBlue Ovulation Test System Connect
ClearBlue Ovulation Test System Connect 3.5

The Connect takes monitoring up a level, it typically identifies four or more fertile days each cycle, these are the days leading up to and including the day of ovulation, this is by tracking the fertility hormones. What sets the Connect apart from other digital systems is that it can connect via Bluetooth to your phone, it’s the first and only test system to track two unique hormones and connect to your phone.

The results are synced and displayed on your phone together with a monthly calendar, cycle comparison charts, smart reminders to ensure testing is done at the right time, the app can also be used to record your period and when you have sex. This kit comes with a re-usable holder, the test reader and 25 test sticks, this comes to £59.99, the Connect is a little more complicated, once an account has been set up, connect your holder following the instructions on the app, the wake-up stick is needed to do this, eject the wake-up stick once connected and this is needed later to activate Bluetooth on your holder. The Clearblue Connected app will then tell you when to test and display your synced results. RRP £59.99.

If simplicity is a priority along with accuracy then the Digital Ovulation Test is probably the way forward, if a more detailed record is preferred then the Ovulation Test System Connect certainly meets the criteria. Unfortunately both system come at a price as well as use single use plastics which so many of us are trying to avoid these days, however the results are fast, easy to read and leave you in no doubt as to when your most fertile days are, so potentially a worthwhile investment for those looking for a better insight into the fertility health.

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Get a clearer insight into the optimum days to try to conceive.
  • Clear and fast results
  • Accurate
  • Connect System allows you to track your cycles on your phone
  • Bluetooth connectivity (Connect System only)
  • Easy to use (even the Connect once you get used to it)
  • Expensive
  • Single use plastic