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Cocoon Baby Blanket for Car Seats and Prams Cocoon Baby Blanket for Car Seats and Prams
Cocoon Baby Blanket for Car Seats and Prams 5

Babies can get cold very easily so it is important in those early months to ensure they are warm and cosy at all times, this can become quite a battle of wills when it comes to wrestling on cardigans or tucking in blankets only for them to be kicked off in the next minute.

The Cocoon Baby Blanket aims to make things a lot simpler when it comes to the car seat and prams, suitable from newborn up until 6months old. What makes the Cocoon different from pram suits? Well on the back you will find three holes where the pram or car seat harness straps can be threaded through which means the straps sit snuggly against the body, where as a pram suit keeps the straps on the outside. In the event of an accident baby can shift forward in a pram suit risking injury to their fragile bodies whereas being in the Cocoon guarantees that the safety straps are fitted correctly. The blanket has been crash-safety tested and is proven to provide added protection for baby’s head and chest whilst in the car seat, giving you full peace of mind.

There are four poppers to fasten the blanket quickly before little one gets a chance to get chilly with the large buttons indicating where the poppers are on the inside. Baby can be wrapped up before taking them out to the car, keeping them snug in transit and not disturbing any precious moments of sleep, if you move into a warm café for example you can undo the popper and leave the blanket open, so they don’t get too warm. The blanket is wonderfully soft, in fact in these cold months it’s a shame they don’t make them in adult sizes, it has a warm woollen exterior and super soft fleece lining, that is all machine washable should accidents happen (lets face it, they will). The Cocoon Baby Blanket works with all 3-point and 5-point harness with detachable straps, the only drawback is that if the 5-point straps can’t be removed, many can for cleaning purposes, they cannot be fitted through the holes. As it involves detaching and reattaching the straps it maybe best to get two blankets, one for the car seat and one for the pram (or a spare one ready for wash day). This blanket is such a great idea, you won’t regret the purchase, friends and family will love it as a baby shower gift, plus those chubby cheeks look cute all wrapped up making it worth it for the cute factor alone. RRP £39.99

There are 5 colours available and the Red Blanket will be on sale at £29.99 for the rest of the season

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A safe and cosy baby blanket for car seats and prams that keeps the safety harness on the inside.
  • Crash safety tested
  • Four easy poppers
  • Machine washable
  • Suitable from birth to 6 months
  • Fits all 3-point harnesses and all 5-point harnesses with detachable straps
  • Incredibly soft and snuggly
  • Not compatible with undetachable harnesses