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Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor
Cubo Ai Plus Smart Baby Monitor 4.5

When it comes to baby sleeping in their own room you enter a world of contradictions, on one side you are grateful for that peace and quiet and on the other the side that lack of noise means it’s not long before you convince yourself that your little darling has managed to skip the crawling stage and moved straight into climbing out the window.

Thankfully these days we have baby monitors, and they don’t come much cuter than the Cubo Ai Plus, this sweet little bird can be perched up out of reach and give you a bird’s eye view of the entire cot. There is a choice of either purchasing the wall mounted kit or the 3-Stand set, both are suitable for ages 0-5+ years. This camera is packed with AI to keep an eye on your baby including the Covered Face and Rollover Detection and the options of selecting Danger Zone and receiving notifications when these are breached. The 1080p HD, 135° wide angle lens can be rotated to get the perfect angle, it has HD night vision and will automatically adjust to the light levels of the room. You won’t miss a second thanks to the Ai Auto Photo Capture, auto updated Moments Wall, photo and video livestream and replays of the notification events.

When it comes to sleep there is the option of sleep monitoring with the sleep analytics and event tags, there is up to 18hr playback and built-in lullabies to help send them off, there is also True Cry Detection that picks up the difference between a ‘sleepy stir’ cry and an ‘I need you’ cry. There is also a temperature and humidity monitor built in, two-way audio and a night light, and for your privacy and protections the AI Plus has Enterprise level security with secure video stream and encrypted data protection. The app is user friendly with reliable connect, it is here you can adjust the background audio, set up your alerts, share cute moments with family and friends and even allow up to eight different login users so nanny and grandad can check in on the little one. The Cubo Ai comes with one-year free Cubo Ai Care Premium included, which begins when the hardware and software of the product is paired. After this it will cost £7.99 a month to continue or £4.99 a month to drop to the basic package (this will restrict some features). This is a great little set up especially for first time parents who will love the extra features allowing them to relax and possibly even get some rest. RRP £189 wall mount £298 3-stand set

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This smart little bird will watch over your precious little one when the time comes for them to sleep in their own room.
  • Clear HD video day and night
  • Lots of safety features and alerts
  • Sweet little bird design
  • Security streaming
  • User friendly app
  • Temp and humidity monitor
  • Sleep analytics
  • Some features are premium subscription only
  • 3 set stand is a pricey option