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Dockatot Deluxe+ Pod Dockatot Deluxe+ Pod
Dockatot Deluxe+ Pod 5

The Sleepyhead of Sweden brand has recently adopted the brand name of their sister company DockATot. The product designs have not changed nor has the level of quality, safety and care we have come to expect over the years, here we take a look at their Deluxe+ Pod.

Firstly it is great for popping on our bed and even on the floor, it is lighter than a Moses basket and certainly a lot less bulky. The textile of it is so soft as it is 100% cotton and can be machine washed, which is always a huge plus point for any parent. The pattern on samples we received are so cute the Jungle Cat and the Painted Spots, but if this isn’t to your taste Dockatot offer a range of covers to suit all décors, it was great for tummy time and playtime. Dockatot suggest you can even use it as a changing mat too, but I was far too scared to mess up the pretty cover.

The product has so many uses providing a habitat from the womb to the outside world, its a solution for lounging around and playing, nappy changing, tummy time, cuddling and bonding, traveling, supervised rest and outdoor time, it is such a multipurpose product.
The only downside I could find was as she started to roll over, she would get wedged on the side and I would have to take her out to allow her to be free. This particular pod is from new-born up to 8 months, but there is a larger version for 9 months upwards called the Grand Pod so you don’t have to abandon this product once they hit 8 months.
The price tag could be a bit out of reach for some people, but we believe if it helps get baby to sleep it is worth its weight in gold. RRP £157.00

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Portable plush and comfy snuggle pod for your very own bundle of joy.
  • Machine Washable
  • Child Safe fastenings
  • Pretty
  • Sturdy
  • Not suitable for some babies once rolling
  • A little pricey