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Dr Brown’s Deluxe Electric Steriliser Dr Brown’s Deluxe Electric Steriliser
Dr Brown’s Deluxe Electric Steriliser 4

The newly re-designed Deluxe Bottle Steriliser from Dr Brown’s uses steam to sterilise up to six bottles at once.

This convenient electric steam steriliser system fits ALL Dr Brown’s bottles and most other bottle brands. The Deluxe is a rather sizable unit so be prepared to say goodbye to some of your kitchen worktop for at least 12 months, the lid is attached via a hinge which means you will have to position the unit away from the wall slightly.

One of the biggest appeals of this steriliser is the simplicity, a jug is included to measure out the optimum amount of water, once the bottles are loaded up it only takes a press of a button to active the sterilising cycle. The handy light indicators show where abouts in the cycle the Deluxe is, heating up, cleaning or finished, and if the lid is kept closed the bottles will be sterile for up to 24hours.

The cycle takes between 8-12 minutes to complete, ensuring it’s never too long a wait for a clean bottle, the built-in accessory tray holds bottle parts, teats, and dummies. The included tongs can be used to remove bottles, preventing hot bottles coming into contact with fingers as well as ensuring items remain sterile for longer, the automatic shut off feature lets you switch it on and forget about it.

The removable tray has been designed to position the bottles perfectly, so the steam is directed into each bottle, there is room for up to 6 bottles per cycle. The only awkward thing about this steriliser is that to empty the water you need to tip the whole unit upside down which normal involves unplugging and holding it over the sink. Other than that, the Dr Brown’s Deluxe Electric Steriliser is a great device for those with babies, fast, efficient and spacious, leaving bottles and accessories drip free and sterile. RRP £67.50

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Fast, efficient and spacious bottle steriliser, suitable for Dr Brown’s bottles as well as most other brands.
  • Easy to use
  • Fast cycle
  • Cycle indicators and auto shut-off
  • Removable tray designed to position bottles correctly
  • Built-in accessory tray
  • Tongs and measuring cup included
  • Large unit
  • Hinged lid means it needs to be pulled away from wall and from underneath cupboards